Pilates for before, during and after pregnancy. 

In collaboration with Women's Health Physical Therapist and founder of Plumb Line studio, Allison Oswald and one of Plumb Line studio's very own certified Pilates Instructor, Linsey Atis, the two have worked together to create a Pre/Post Natal Pilates program that will benefit each client during any stage of womanhood before, during and after pregnancy. 

In your session, you will focus on breathing as it allows for the body to connect to its deeper core and pelvic floor muscles (both important for labor and delivery,  postpartum recovery and prevention/healing of diastasis recti), strengthening as it builds a strong foundation and endurance for mama's to carry and play with baby and most of all centering as this class allow mama's to take time for herself to find and feel her mind + body connection. 



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Prenatal Pilates

Tuesdays at 5pm

Thursdays at 7:30am

Fridays at 1pm

Postnatal Pilates

Fridays at 12pm