Pilates is a form of movement exercise based on the principles and philosophies of Joseph Pilates. Its focus is on re-patterning movement to create the most efficient body alignment and therefore the healthiest body from the inside out.  With consistency, Pilates will transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Pilates continues to gain recognition as an ideal fitness regime for wellness, but also an invaluable addition to physical rehabilitation. Here at Plumb Line, we take into consideration each client's body and concerns to tailor each session specifically for you.  We are experienced with working with women along the path of pregnancy, those with injuries and those recovering from an injury.  But most importantly we ensure that each session is working towards your specific goals. 

Have a question about Pilates and what to expect? Visit our FAQ page or email us directly at hello@plumblinewellness.com. 

Plumb Line studio offers private sessions and small classes.  All sessions/classes are 50 minutes. 


Private Pilates Session

By appointment only

Single Session: $115-175   |   Ten Pack: $1,050 - $1,600

For those who are wanting more.  Ideal for the clients who are committed in wanting to know and understand their own bodies.  Each private session allows our teachers and client to work together as a team to help find the imbalances of the body and work towards finding a solution for a stronger and efficient self. 

Reformer Group Class 

Mondays at 6:15pm & Thursdays at 6pm

Single: $55    |     Ten Pack: $500

A three person reformer class focused on building a strong foundation and understanding of Pilates. This class is ideal for those who are new to Pilates or working through injuries, yet challenging enough for experienced students who would like to refine their Pilates skills and concentrate on the fundamentals. This small class size allows our instructor to focus on each client providing all the necessary corrections and/or cues for a successful session.

Prenatal Reformer Group Class 

Tuesdays at 2pm & Fridays at 11am

Single: $45     |     Ten Pack: $400 

Expecting? Our prenatal reformer classes was built with our mama's in mind! In collaboration with Women's Health Physical Therapist, Allison Oswald and Plumb Line studio’s Linsey Atis, the prenatal reformer classes addresses mama as her body goes through these changes during this precious time. We focus on breathing as it allows for the body to connect to its deeper core and pelvic floor muscles (both important for labor and delivery,  postpartum recovery and prevention/healing of diastasis recti), strengthening as it builds a strong foundation and endurance for mama's to carry and play with baby and most of all centering as this class allow mama's to take time for herself to find and feel her mind + body connection.