I've never done Pilates before and would consider a complete beginner. Is this something for me? 

Yes. Absolutely. We were all a beginner once. If you like, we suggest taking a private session with one of our certified Pilates instructors first before signing up for a group reformer class. That way you can understand the basics of Pilates, become familiar with the equipment and feel even more confident in taking our classes. 

I have an injury and I am afraid working out might aggravate it even more but I need to workout because I feel like it could be good for me. Could Pilates work? 

We once heard a Pilates teacher say that "Pilates works hand in hand with Physical Therapy" which is one of the main reasons why Dr. Allison Oswald created this studio. Most of the clients who come in have had an injury or are experiencing some kind of discomfort in their daily lives. Whether it be low back pain such as a herniated disc, shoulder or knee injury - our certified Pilates teachers are highly trained in understanding and working with clients to create a safe and supportive atmosphere where you'll not only enjoy a good workout, but you'll notice that your session was also intended to help rehabilitate your injury. You'll feel stronger, balanced and be more in tune with your body for all your daily activities. 

Why are your group reformer classes so small? 

Trust us - we wish we could fit more people in our studio! But thanks to our three person reformer classes, we've noticed a huge impact on students who have said that they enjoy the small setting as it allows their teacher to focus on their work and provide feedback and personal cues that can sometimes be hard to grasp in a big group setting. 

Is Pilates a good workout? 

It sure is! In Pilates we work the whole body. After your first few sessions, you may notice muscles that you have never even thought you had! Pilates can often get a rep of being a bit easy or clients not really feeling the work. Here at Plumb Line, we can ensure that your session will be more than just a workout. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how your body moves and what your strengths and weaknesses are. From there, you'll find a better perspective on why certain movements might seem easier or harder to you than usual!