Mirea Sharifi

Mirea Sharifi, received her BFA from the University of Arizona School of Dance in 1991. She was Assistant Director and Choreographer for the internationally acclaimed group Up with People, after touring with the group as a Dance Captain and Production Manager. She returned to the University of Arizona, working on its Capital Campaign Kickoff and earning her MFA in 2001. She served on the dance faculty at Ballet Arts until 2010 and has served on the Advisory Board of the University of Arizona School of Dance since 2015.

Mirea began her Pilates journey in 1999 with the Fletcher Program in Tucson, Arizona, where she was fortunate to learn from Kyria Sabin Waugaman, Deborah Mendoza and Pilates elder, Ron Fletcher. Intrigued by the various Pilates lineages, she subsequently studied with Pilates Master Teachers Michele Larsson (Eve Gentry), and John White (Romana Kryzanowska). Mirea is a Polestar Pilates Graduate and serves as a Mentor for students going through the program. Mirea founded and directed BodyQuest Pilates in Tucson, AZ from 2002-2017, prior to moving to Los Angeles.

Mirea has been invested in service to the greater community throughout her career. Her varied recent efforts range from promoting public health, to directing a 3000 people strong flash mob at the Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival, to serving on the 2016 PMA Exam Item Writing Group. Among these, she is most proud of a Pilates program that she developed for blind and low-vision students at the Arizona State School for the Blind.

Mirea’s Motto! Movement is an essential part of life. Mindful movement will enhance your relationship with your mind, body and spirit, creating a sense of peace, comfort and awareness of your own strength and ability.

How did you get into Pilates? 

As a professional dancer, Pilates was always a part of my dance conditioning.  It was when I was working on my MFA in Dance that I was offered the opportunity to participate in a work study program in exchange for my first Pilates Teacher Training with what is now the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study.  I have been a student of the Pilates method ever since.  Intrigued by the various Pilates lineages, I subsequently studied with Michele Larsson (Eve Gentry), John White (Romana Kryzanowska) and Polestar Pilates Education, where I currently serve as a Mentor for students going through their Pilates teacher training program. 

Why did you become a Pilates Teacher?

I experienced an inherent passion for dance since I was a child.  My interest for Pilates developed as an adult.  Looking for ways to teach quality movement experiences outside of the dance studio, I began teaching the Pilates method in 2002.  I teach Pilates because it is both physically and intellectually engaging. It allows for creativity and problem solving and is typically done with a community of likeminded individuals.  

Describe a Pilates session with you in three words. 

Mind. Body. Breath. 

Fill in the sentence: When I'm not teaching…

When I’m not teaching, I’m reading, trying a new recipe or Salsa dancing. 

What would you say to someone who has never done Pilates before.

Movement is an essential part of life.  Mindful movement will enhance your relationship with  your mind, body and spirit, creating a sense of peace, comfort and awareness of your own  strength and ability. I would ask you what your fitness/movement goals are and then identify  how Pilates can work towards achieving these goals.

What inspires you to teach? 

I am inspired by wanting to have a positive impact on my community. I have been fortunate to have had extraordinary Professors and teachers who have patiently shared their knowledge and passion with me over the years.  I strive to pass on their teachings with clarity and integrity while I continue to grow as a teacher.