Linsey Atis 

In 2011, Linsey received her Pilates mat certification during her junior year at Saint Mary's College of California. This certification complimented her work as an undergraduate as she received her bachelors in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Human and Health Performance. Having studied courses in Anatomy, Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology, Linsey became interested in how the human body moves, strengthens and recovers. 

In 2016, Linsey completed her 480 hour Classical Pilates certification in Santa Monica, CA. Upon being certified, Linsey has trained with Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Allison Oswald for pre and post natal Pilates.

With her pre/post natal Pilates training, she teaches privates, small group classes and now introductory prenatal classes to help women understand and properly connect to their bodies, especially their core, during any trimester and motherhood.

Although Classical trained, Linsey continues to immerse herself with the innovation of modern movement. She finds herself working and learning with other conscious Pilates Instructors to better understand techniques that are applicable to her clientele.

How did you get into Pilates?

I took a quarter credit Pilates class my sophomore year of college. It was one hour, twice a week - but every time I'd leave that class, I always felt calm, centered, connected and strong in my own body. I know that's silly to say, but it really helped me! 

Why did you become a Pilates Teacher?

I can mostly say I was influenced by Allison and her work at Plumb Line studio. While starting off as her part time as her office manager a few years ago, I noticed how much influence she had in a person's rehabilitation journey. That's not to say that everyone came in with an injury, but everyone always walked out feeling so confident and stronger than when they walked in, whether they were there for PT, Pilates or both. 

Describe a Pilates session with you in three words.

Quality. Connection. Awareness. 

Fill in the sentence: When I'm not teaching...

Cheesy, but talking long walks along the beach. We are so lucky to be living here in Santa Monica and there is something just so therapeutic about the ocean. I also enjoy reading a good book or having dinner with friends! 

What can people expect from a Pilates session with you?

They can expect to leave with a sense of awareness and connection in their bodies. I used to also teach barre prior to my Pilates certification and although I enjoyed the workout, I never understood why the movements benefitted me. I saw that Pilates not only defined and toned your body, but there was sense as to why a particular exercise was given to you, i.e. working on extension to build length and space in the sides of your body. You'll leave with a sense of feeling stronger in  your body so that you are able to pick up your baby without back pain, or go for walks without having to always feel it in your hip flexors.