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Alyssa Sparks

A California native, Alyssa is a Certified Pilates instructor and Holistic Nutritionist in Los Angeles. As a competitive dancer, Alyssa was introduced to Pilates to help strengthen and condition her body to compliment her dance training. A graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a BA in Dance and a minor in education, Alyssa also spent time focusing on kinesiology, injury prevention, and Pilates.

After hip injury that threatened her career and future as a dancer, Alyssa deepened her connection with Pilates during her rehabilitation that gave her a new creative outlet and light in her future. After studying under Diane Diefenderfer in Orange County at Studio Du Corps, Alyssa became a certified Pilates instructor. Once retiring from dance, Alyssa returned back to Los Angeles to grow her Pilates business, where she now works with a clientele of professional athletes, actors, and industry professionals.

 Although classically trained, Alyssa’s Pilates style has an athletic touch that allows her to be creative with clients yet effective to help them gain strength and mobility. She has a strong focus on form, breath, and how each movement has a purpose in the journey to create a strong mind-body connection. When Alyssa is not training clients, she loves cooking, enjoying the California sun, and creating memories with her husband traveling the world!