A plumb line is a perfectly straight line used to assess posture and we believe Plumb Line Studio is your ‘straight line to a healthy body’.

Its positive and uplifting energy creates an atmosphere that promotes wellness and healing from the moment you walk in. As a boutique studio space, we provide quality, individualized care for every client in the ideal environment.

Plumb Line was founded by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Women’s Clinical Specialist and Certified Pilates Instructor Allison Oswald.  She created it as a space where she could work with her clients, as well as seamlessly progress them onto a Pilates program if appropriate.  Allison uses Pilates based exercises as part of her approach and believes that Pilates is the ideal adjunct to women's health physical therapy, health and wellness.

Clients come to the studio to be treated and work directly with Allison Oswald, to start a Pilates program with one of our certified Pilates teachers, or a combination of the two. As a wellness collective, we also have the privilege of holding space for other women who offer a variety of wellness offerings and have just recently started a speaker series called A Conversation where we bring speakers from the wellness industry to weigh in on important and courageous topics through womanhood.